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A game for any Amiga computer.

This is a game written for the Amiga Blitz basic Game Jam.  I decided to keep it simple to ensure I got it finished!  Uploaded just in time.  

I tried to keep the graphics true to the original version so slightly chunky and a bit 1980s (nothing to do with my graphic skills). :)

The game has 25 levels of increasing difficulty.  Can you get to the end?  

New version: Havsoft logo, information screen at the beginning if you don't press space and now has joystick control.

I have tested and completed all the levels myself (not in one go I might add) so I think it is a reasonable challenge?

P.S. Added screenshot of original Daredevil Dennis for comparison (bottom image).


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Daredevil Dennis.adf 880 kB


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I wish I had a older computer to play this. It looks amazing!!

Sadly subtitles not working. :(

Thanks - will watch later.

Nice game! More information about our German-language review can be found here (switch on automatic subtitles, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome!

Thank you and thanks once again for the video.  I have a few more games coming soon for you to work your magic on!

Nice game!


very good

Also tested (through WinUAE) on kickstart 1,2 and 1,3 with 512mb chip ram and the game works fine.  Just wait for it to load all the files.

Managed to find all the bugs (hopefully) and re uploaded before the competition window slammed shut. 

Flickering left over bits were due to double buffering and unbuffering!  When you finish a level, I only unbuffered one screen and the other would unbuffer the bits stored in the buffer back on to the new screen -doh!

Sound issue was purely down to a miss =.

Also, discovered that if you died on the moon and lost your last take, then the gravity was not reset back to normal when the game restarted.

If you play and find any more bugs, please post here.